Last updated: Sep 18, 2020


Florida Election Policies & Readiness

Last updated: July 22, 2020

Florida’s 2020 presidential preference primary was held on March 17, just as COVID-19 was becoming a national concern and states began recommending social distancing measures.  On that date, Florida had reported only 216 cases of COVID-19.  (By early June, the total number of cases was over 58,000).  The pandemic had not affected the voting calendar up to that point, although the presidential primary in Ohio, which was also scheduled for March 17, ended up being postponed to late April.

This report describes administrative and public health measures election officials in Florida have taken to prepare for the 2020 elections amid pandemic conditions and explains the logistical, legal, and political challenges that remain.

A Quantitative Dive into Florida's 2020 Voting Trends

Last updated: September 18, 2020

The second report authored by Healthy Elections researchers addresses three key questions about voting trends in Florida's 2020 primary election, namely:

  • How did Florida voters respond to the onset of COVID-19 (turnout and vote mode) in their presidential preference primary?
  • How did Florida voting behavior differ by race, age, and first-time voter status?
  • As the coronavirus crisis increases the need for vote-by-mail (VBM), can we determine whether certain groups have disproportionately seen their VBM ballots unaccepted for counting?

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