Last updated: Aug 04, 2020


As a predominantly vote-by-mail state, Arizona is better situated than other states to manage elections in a pandemic. Nonetheless, partisan division has hindered additional reforms that could address safety risks at polling places, and election officials have yet to publish details regarding logistics for polling place safety amid a reduced number of polling places. Moreover, ongoing COVID-related election litigation leaves some election rules unresolved, including the ability to collect and return ballots for others, the treatment of provisional ballots cast at the wrong polling place, and the time period to cure a missing signature on a vote-by-mail ballot envelope. Groups seeking to place initiatives on the ballot have been frustrated by the difficulty of collecting signatures in-person amidst the pandemic, and courts have refused to waive the requirement. This memo includes suggestions for ways election officials and the state legislature could reduce health risks for voters and poll workers and reduce election-related confusion arising from the pandemic.

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Arizona 2020 Elections in the Wake of COVID

Last update: August 4, 2020

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