The elections community has been busy producing research into the myriad of issues that touch upon the needs of voting during the pandemic. This page catalogues some of the most prominent of those reports, written by Healthy Elections and other organizations.

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Vote-By-Mail Resources

Concerns about the potential health risks of in-person voting during the COVID-19 pandemic has led to increased demand by voters for vote by mail and consideration by many states to temporarily expand vote by mail for the November election. This guide is the most comprehensive aggregation of publicly available resources regarding vote by mail, designed primarily for election officials considering expansion of vote by mail and others seeking a deeper understanding of the current vote-by-mail landscape and expansion policies under consideration in many states.

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In-Person Voting

While many states have significantly ramped up their vote-by-mail capacity, some voters in state primaries and the general election this fall will vote in person. This page will compile resources for voters and officials to conduct those elections safely.

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Other Analysis and Commentary

Useful commentary and other analysis from members and partners of the Healthy Elections Project.

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